About Us

Mission Statement

• To teach sailing and safe boat handling for the young people of Ipswich and surrounding communities; to maintain an air of good fellowship and fun for the participant while maintaining progress toward expected level of competence in sailing; to promote water safety.

• The primary measures of the success are the number of children who participate, the quality of sailing skills demonstrated and the level of their enthusiasm.

• To raise sufficient funds to meet the mission of the Ipswich Junior Sailing and Water Safety Program.


Ipswich Junior Sailing History

The Ipswich Junior Sailing Program was started by members of the Ipswich Bay Yacht Club who wanted to share their love of sailing with area youth.

Its purpose was and is to develop and encourage the interest of young people in boating, teach sailing and promote water
safety. The Program started in the summer of 1996 with 4 Optimist sailboats, 1 US Sailing certified instructor and 17 students, made possible by a successful fundraising campaign which raised $13,500, enough to buy an initial complement of boats and equipment.

The Program grew steadily over the years, from 29 students and 6 Optimists in 1997, 47 students and 8 Optimists in 1998, and 48 students in 1999. In 1999 the Program acquired 3 used 420 sloops for more advanced sailors and began its current program of training students as apprentice instructors with a goal of becoming US Sailing certified instructors. By the year 2000 the Program had continued to expand, the number of instructors increased to two and the class structure increased to 12 three week, half day classes, for a total of 36 hours of sailing instruction per class.The Program acquired three power craft for instructors, an 18' Bristol skiff, 14' Carolina skiff and an 8' inflatable. In 2001 - 2003, student participation was approximately 60, 70 and 80 respectively, and several new Optimists and 420 sailboats were added to the fleet. The training of apprentice instructors continued, and students particpated in competitive racing events with other junior sailors both on and offsite.In 2004 the Program was operating with a fleet of 10 Optimists, five 420's and 3 power support craft, and 76 students were enrolled. Students who had participated in the apprentice
training program were participating as certified Assistant Instructors. By 2005 there were 81 students and the Optimist and 420 floats were relocated to independent moorings off the south end of the Yacht Club docks. The Program replaced two older 420's and two older Optimists with newer craft in 2005 and 2006. Student enrollment in 2006 was 87 and approximately the same in 2007. In 2007, with an experienced Head Instructor and three Assistant Instructors who had developed through the program, the sailboats were significantly refurbished and upgraded by the instructor corps.